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Agitron Announces Partnership with Hosekra: Introducing the Smart Label Solution in Showrooms

At Agitron, we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Hosekra, a leading name in the construction and housing industry, known for its 35 years of expertise in manufacturing, consulting, and installation of metal roofing, and offering a broad array of quality products. This collaboration is a significant milestone, as it introduces our Agitron Smart Label solution into Hosekra’s showrooms, reinventing the way customers interact with and learn about Hosekra’s products.

Customized holder system to easily fit on special wooden shelves.

Hosekra has built a formidable reputation in the industry, covering over 15,000 projects and continuously striving for innovation and sustainability. Their dedication aligns with Agitron’s mission to enhance retail experiences through advanced technology. By integrating our e-paper screens into their showrooms, Hosekra will provide customers with an energy-efficient, dynamic way to access real-time information about their wide range of products, from metal roofs to mobile homes, garages, and containers​​​​.

The implementation of Agitron Smart Label technology signifies a leap forward in customer experience. These e-paper screens are not just a testament to environmental responsibility due to their low energy consumption, but they also facilitate a more interactive, informative, and efficient customer journey. Real-time product information, specifications, and benefits are now at the customers’ fingertips, enabling a seamless blend of digital convenience and physical product engagement.

The Agitron Smart Label A430 devices are used to display information and images of specific models.

Our partnership with Hosekra is driven by a shared vision for the future of retail and customer service in the construction and housing sector. It underscores both companies’ commitment to employing innovative solutions that not only meet the evolving needs of customers but also contribute positively to environmental conservation.

This collaboration between Agitron and Hosekra exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms, enhancing the overall shopping experience while promoting sustainability. As we move forward, Agitron remains committed to pioneering smart retail solutions that elevate the standard of customer interaction and satisfaction across various industries.

To discover more about Hosekra’s innovative product range and how they’re implementing Agitron’s smart solutions in their showrooms, visit Hosekra’s official website. For further details on how Agitron is revolutionizing retail experiences through technology, head over to Agitron’s website. Join us as we embrace and shape the future of the construction and housing industry, together.

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