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Agitron Connect Cloud

Agitron’s cloud-based platform Agitron Connect is an all-in-one modular and centralized dashboard.

Reduce operational costs

Fleet management for the IoT age

Agitron Connect provides a low-risk, hassle-free IoT environment that is easy to integrate and enterprise-ready. Agitron Connect uses a secure, bank-grade data storage system that can be integrated with various existing solutions.

Agitron Connect Dashboard

Manage, monitor and automate the whole IoT device fleet from a highly secure web-based application. It provides a perfect tool for managers, administrators, editors and developers, one or one thousand stores.

Agitron Connect Service App

Setup, test, manage, and update your complete IoT device fleet in the palm of your hand and access your Agitron Connect data on the go

Agitron Connect Modules

Easily connect your PIM, ERP, CMS, MAP or CRM to Agitron Connect without any programming. We offer complete one-click integration with leading solution providers.

Agitron Connect API

Enterprise-grade Agitron Connect API deeply and intuitively integrates with our solutions that allows us to provide you and your customers with industry-leading security features and management.

Agitron Connect SDK

With Agitron Connect SDK, we allow you to quickly build a mobile application that integrates with our platform and serves location-based content to your costumers.

Key considerations

All-in-one digitization solution for modern connected businesses

Modular & on-demand solutions

Industry-leading performance, flexibility and scalability without hidden lock-ins. Want to improve our messaging and bring clarity and transparency to our processes?

Cross-platform & integrable solutions

Agitron offers device and platform agnostic solutions that are fully integrable with most of the software solutions your business already uses.

Bank-grade data security and privacy

We apply the best practices in data security, using the most advanced methods and data protection protocols suitable for banks.

Scalable, stackable & interchangable

The entire Agitron product family is powered by Agitron’s proprietary cloud enabled platform.

Increase margins, discover new horizons

Quick and easy installation using your existing infrastructure with no downtime or hidden costs.

Real-time data and analytics

All connected devices boast a verification mechanism that checks the heartbeat and transaction status.


Better shopping experience: endless and unlimited shopping

The omnichannel approach enables the retailer to respond more quickly to customer needs, and customers perceive the retailer as attractive, technologically advanced and responsive. Sell on average 4% more in-store and 10% more online.

The omnichannel approach allows the customer to move smoothly from one sales channel to another (from the physical to the online store and vice versa) and increases sales to the retailer on all channels.

Visualization and interaction with the data in a real-time centralized dashboard.


Create a connected ecosystem with location management, inventory tracking and warehousing

Agitron Telemetry enables you to track equipment stock and personnel. Provides supply chain visibility, product lifecycle transparency and increases the quality of your services. Visualization and interaction with the data in a real-time.

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