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Agitron Smart Sensors Label Devices

Agitron Smart Sensor Label devices are an out-of-the-box, highly flexible sensor label solution tailored for integration with the entire Agitron hardware and software ecosystem.

optimize asset utilization

Instantly react to changes and anomalies

Agitron Smart Sensor Label is connected through the Agitron IoT network and can be placed in any transportation and logistics environment, including boxes and pallets in transit, the logistics center and other facilities involved in the supply chain to ensure high quality of transported and stored goods.

Fit for different industries, such as logistics, warehousing, retail, medical, pharmaceutical and security industries.

Durable, robust, fit for industrial and logistic environments.

Track and analyze the location and flow of your assets and staff to reduce search times, optimize asset utilization and performance.

Let’s get technical!


Out-of-the Box sensor label from Hard-to Software


Integrated Beacon Standard (iBeacon and Eddystone)


NFC-A integrated (NFC Type 2 & Type 4)


Replaceable standard battery with a life of 5-7 years.


Sensor, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Temperature and CO2


Movement detection


3rd party App Connection over API and SDK


Small size (only 4 cm x 4 cm) with easy mounting options

Key features & use cases

Monitor the quality of perishable products and assure consistent quality between logistics centers.

Visualization and interaction with the data in a real-time centralized dashboard.

With telemetry, retailers can enable cashless payments at the telemetry-enabled labels.

Telemetry allows retailers to track retail inventory.

Monitor environmental data such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 that affect storage and human interactions with commodities.

Retailers can use telemetry-equipped labels to prevent shoplifting.

— All-in-one digitization solution

It’s simple to scale with our modular cloud platform.

Agitron’s cloud-based platform Agitron Connect is an is an all-in-one modular and centralized dashboard

Monitor all interaction between the customer and your store and get a deep understanding of the purchasing journey.

Provide a curated purchase experience designed according to specific tastes and needs of your customers.

Agitron Flow allows you to make internal and external settings that trigger specific rules and actions, such as price reductions based on internal or external data, such as weather.

Create a connected logistics ecosystem with improved location management, inventory tracking and warehousing.

Choose the package you want from the shop at a great price, with no technical overhead or integration costs.

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