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Agitron Connect Advertising

Provide a curated purchase experience designed according to specific tastes and needs of your customers.

Better customer segmentation

From dynamic pricing to new marketing opportunities

Agitron Advertising is an easy to use mobile advertising tool that provides informed service engagements through automatized mobile push notifications to your customer’s smartphone. Content marketing using Agitron in-store display devices.

Link in-store products with additional content online

Traffic Sources

Enterprise-grade Agitron Connect API deeply and intuitively integrates with our solutions that allows us to provide you and your customers with industry leading security features and management.


With Agitron Connect SDK, we allow you to quickly build a mobile application that integrates with our platform and serves location-based content to your costumers.

Non-invasive collection and processing of analytical data about in-store customer habits that can be used to attract new customers in the physical and online store.


Dynamic product codes and remarketing

Agitron Advertising is connected with the link shortener and QR service which enables you to gather insights about the usage of this links and QR codes. When a customer is interested on a product in the physical store you can use this data to promote the data online and sell it direct over your web shop.

Key features & use cases

Micro-dependent location data for in-shop navigation and augmented reality. Shopping list notifications to remind customers when they pass the shelf with the goods they want.

Personalized notification automation using geofence, beacon, NFC and QR solutions. Welcome messages at the entrance indicating coupons, special offers, etc.

Online retargeting of customers with Facebook and Google accounts.

Connectable with external factors, e.g. weather, traffic situation.

Content marketing with Agitron in-shop displays. Personifications with external factors, e.g. weather, etc.

SDK and API available for integration with existing applications and customer loyalty programmes.

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