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Agitron Smart Signage

Designed to achieve a turnkey, hassle-free, flexible and adaptable delivery of information to your digital screens.

Agitron AS100

Convert any HDMI screen to an IoT device

Smart signage, automated store, touch interaction, digital advisor, virtual shelf and more. Now it's all possible with the Agitron AS100 and Agitron Connect Cloud. Just one step to transform your old hardware for the new age.

Easy setup

Scann the QR code on the screen or use the PIN with the Agitron Connect Dashboard.

4K is standard

One device for any use case. 4K, touch screen support, Wi-Fi or RJ45 network cable.

Agitron Smart Signage AS100

Agitron Smart Signage AS100 brings the power of Agitron Connect to all your HDMI-enabled LCD devices, without adapters or additional peripherals. Capture your customers' attention and increase your conversion rate by showing interactive and dynamic content that leverages cutting-edge IoT and cloud technology to deliver real-time updates to all your Agitron smart devices.

Let’s get technical!

Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 with
4K, H.265 support

High Speed Wi-Fi or RJ45,
Ethernet port

One step Plug&Play Agitron
Connect setup


Compatible with all
Agitron Smart devices


Benefits for your customers and for your business

Engaged, informed and less frustrated customers

Digital content connects with customers in ways that basic, static information does not. Useful information provides customers with knowledge about your company, products and services, and can help them better understand complex processes and reduce wait times.

Increase sales and generate additional revenue

Eye-catching digital content can help attract new customers, highlight and promote new products, while its flexibility allows you to set up daily or even hourly promotions. Benefit from additional revenue by displaying ads for partners, sponsors and events that benefit your target audience.

Up-to-date, accurate and consistent messaging

Digital content provides consistent messaging and delivery at a flexibility and scale that staff and static displays cannot.

Proven commitment to the customer experience

Customers will recognize your commitment to providing a quality experience while keeping your company on the cutting edge of technology.

Increased satisfaction

Digital content provides a better customer experience that leads to higher conversion rates and increases the customer’s perception of your brand.

Reduce the cost of updating information

With digital content, your business can save valuable resources on constantly updating static signage and revising your promotional materials.

Choose the package you want from the shop at a great price, with no technical overhead or integration costs.

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