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Agitron Connect Analytics

Monitor all interactions between the customer and your store and get a comprehensive picture of the buying process.

Real-time data and analytics

In-store customer movement & average time spent

Agitron Analytics is an add-on for shopping carts and shopping carts that lets you gain insights into customer behavior, movement and purchase patterns, frequency of product interactions, and more.

Agitron Connect Dashboard

Manage, monitor and automate the whole IoT device fleet from a highly secure web-based application. It provides a perfect tool for managers, administrators, editors and developers, one or one thousand stores.

Agitron Connect Service App

Setup, test, manage, and update your complete IoT device fleet in the palm of your hand and access your Agitron Connect data on the go

Key features & use cases

Fully compliant with EU data protection regulations. Based on the flow of customers, the cashier has a prediction of the volume of customers

High-precision customer tracking in real time - accurate to 0.5 m.

Valuation of store space for advertising displays. Based on the space valuation model, the store can create a data-driven price list for paid in-store ads.

Complete tracking and analysis of customer movements. Dead zones are identified and optimized for better customer flow.

Fast and non-invasive hardware installation without infrastructure intervention.

Real-time dead zone detection and product positioning verification.

Choose the package you want from the shop at a great price, with no technical overhead or integration costs.

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