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Let us look at how easy it is to start. Setup, test, manage, and update your complete IoT device fleet.

Enter Retail 4.0

Become a member of AGITRON Lab

AGITRON Lab is a program that enables member organizations to discover and test next-generation electronic and the early builds of Agitron Clarence AI, an AI-based dynamic pricing solution that ups the game by connecting multiple data sources, sensors and discovering valuable hidden patterns that enable better data-driven decision making.

Get a direct insight into the latest features of the AGITRON development team and early access to new hardware and software solutions from AGITRON.

Main benefits of membership

  • Early access to new technology from AGITRON
  • The opportunity to discover and test new features before they are available to all AGITRON customers
  • The possibility to participate in monthly working groups with key developers of AGITRON
  • A lifetime discount of 10% on all AGITRON services
Development Kit

Agitron Connect Smart Label Standard Play Ground Box.

Perfect for developers, integration testing and demo applications.

  • 3x Agitron Smart Label A290-R
  • 2x Agitron Smart Label A430-R
  • 1x Agitron Connect Router AR-100
  • 1x USB Power Kit AUPK-100

Price: € 850,00

Everything to start developing and testing in one box.

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