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  • Cloud platform
    for the modern era

    The Agitron ecosystem boosts the supply chain with its proprietary solutions, leveraging the latest in cloud and IoT technologies to enhance efficiency and adaptability.

  • Device-Agnostic Signage

    Use Agitron Smart Signage to show on your costumer facing displays contextual data out of your Agitron Connect Cloud. Agitron Smart Signage is device agnostic, use your LCD, Touchscreen, or your digital scale.

  • Hybrid Virtual Shelves

    Expand your business with virtual shelves. Use the same Agitron Connect cloud data to instantly leverage smart labels and virtual shelves. Optimize storage space, interact with your customers and display more items with self-checkout option.

  • Omnichannel: endless and
    unlimited shopping

    The omnichannel approach allows the customer to move smoothly from one sales channel to another (from the physical to the online store and vice versa) and increases sales to the retailer on all channels.

We help you go digital and increase your sales.

Agitron Connect provides retailers with additional revenue streams and brings customers a more engaging user experience.

Reduce operational costs

Unburden your staff of repetitive tasks with little value and let technology deal with tedious tasks, such as manually updating price labels.

Expand margins, new income streams

From dynamic pricing to new marketing opportunities, our products and solutions expand your toolkit for engaging customers and maximizing your profit.

Real-time data and analytics

We bring smart to brick & mortar stores by helping you make better decision thanks to actionable data and predictive analytics.

Agitron Connect Shop

The Agitron Connect Shop gives small businesses the foundation for all the benefits of the latest technology-based solutions that big retailers rave about. And at an affordable price, with no technical overhead or integration costs.

— Up your retail game with Agitron
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What is Retail 4.0?

Influenced by Industry 4.0, retail is going through its own paradigm shift. Faced by the changing customer profiles and ever-growing online competition, retailers are seeking ways to leverage advanced technologies, such as big data, internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing, to improve their performance and accelerate their growth.

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