Agitron Telemetry

Create a connected logistics ecosystem with improved location management, inventory tracking and warehousing.
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Agitron Telemetry enables you to track equipment stock and per sonnel, and provides supply chain visibility, product lifecycle transparency and increases the quality of your services. Visualization and interaction with the data in a real-time.
Key Features & Use Cases
Monitor the quality of perishable products and assure consistent quality between logistics centers.
Visualization and interaction with the data in a real-time centralized dashboard.
Monitor environment data like temperature, moisture and CO2 that influence storage and human interactions with the goods.
Telemetry allows retailers to track retail inventory.
With telemetry, retailers can enable cashless payments at the telemetry-enabled labels.
Retailers can use telemetry-equipped labels to prevent shoplifting.
Wayfinding and indoor navigation in your app using our SDK and API tools.
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