Agitron Analitycs

Monitor all interaction between the customer and your store and get a deep understanding of the purchasing journey.
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Agitron Analytics is an add-on for shopping carts and baskets, which enables you to gather insights pertaining to consumer behavior, movement and pur-chase patterns, frequency of product interactions etc.
Key Features & Use Cases
Fully compliant with EU privacy regulations. Based on the customer flow the cashier has a prediction on the volume of customers
Complete customer movement tracking and analysis. Dead zones are detected and optimized for better consumer flow
In-store space valuation. for advertisement displays. Based on the space valuation model the store can make a data-driven price list for instore paid display ADS.
Detection of dead zones and real-time product positioning testing
Fast and non-invasive installation of the hardware without infrastructure interference.
Full autonomy without store personnel interference.
Highly accurate real-time customer tracking - up to 0.5 m accuracy.
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