Drive revenues with in-store analytical insights and price automation

Agitron solutions enable meaningful and lasting connections with customers by creating a frictionless customer journey and a feeling of belonging. With the power of real-world sensor data and Agitron Clarence AI, retailers can enhance and optimize store operations, provide better product information, and improve customer engagement both offline and online.

Modular & on-demand solutions

Industry-leading performance, flexibility, and scalability without hidden lock-ins.

Cross-platform & integrable solutions

Agitron offers device-agnostic solutions that are fully integrable with most of the software solutions your business already uses.

Bank-grade data security and privacy

We employ best practices in data security by using state-of-art bank-grade methods and privacy protection protocols.

Agitron Connect

Agitron’s cloud-based platform Agitron Connect is an is an all-in-one modular and centralized dashboard. Agitron Connect provides a low-risk and hassle-free IoT environment that is easy to integrate and enterprise-ready. Agitron Connect uses a bank-grade secure data storage system, which can be integrated to be used with various existing solutions.

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Agitron Advertising

Provide a curated purchase experience designed according to specific tastes and needs of your customers. Agitron Advertising is an easy to use mobile advertising tool that provides informed service engagements through automatized mobile push notifications to your customer’s smartphone.

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Agitron Analitycs

Monitor all interaction between the customer and your store and get a deep understanding of the purchasing journey. Agitron Analytics is an add-on for shopping carts and baskets, which enables you to gather insights pertaining to consumer behavior, movement and pur-chase patterns, frequency of product interactions etc.

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Agitron Telemetry

Create a connected logistics ecosystem with improved location management, inventory tracking and warehousing. Agitron Telemetry enables you to track equipment stock and per-sonnel, and provides supply chain visibility, product lifecycle transparency and increases the quality of your services.

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Agitron Clarence AI

Named after the father of the modern retail sales model of self service, Agitron Clarence AI is all about connecting different data sources, sensors and discovering valuable hidden patterns. Clarence AI sees patterns where others don’t, thus allowing store managers to make better data-driven decisions.

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