Agitron Smart Label Series

Agitron Smart Label is a state-of-art, highly flexible e-paper label solution tailored to in-creasingly demanding applications for connected business environments.
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It is designed to be fully compatible with the needs of the latest cloud computing and AI-driven applications, such as analytics, advertising and location-based solutions.
Agitron Smart Labels are equipped with the industry’s best security measures with an on-chip cryp-tographic accelerator. Agitron Smart Label is equipped with state of the art sensor that can detect, vibrations, movement, gestures, temperature, humidity and fruit and vegetable quality.
Designed for reliability. Packed with everything you need. Let’s get technical!

Manual, Automated or AI driven data changes OTA (Over-the-air)

Integrated Beacon Standard (iBeacon and Eddystone)

NFC-A integrated (NFC Type 2 & Type 4)

2 or 3-color e-paper display (Red, Yellow, optional other colors)

Fully visual template editor (Drag & Drop)

Low power consumption (sleep optimization option)

State of the art sensor

Customisable housing colours

Replaceable standard battery with a life of 5-7 years.

Protective glass throughout the complete front surface

2-4 bit display, grayscale display, partial screen refresh (model dependent)

3rd party App Connection over API and SDK

It’s simple to scale with our cloud platform.
Agitron Connect

Agitron’s cloud-based platform Agitron Connect is an is an all-in-one modular and centralized dashboard

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Agitron Advertising

Provide a curated purchase experience designed according to specific tastes and needs of your customers.

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Agitron Analitycs

Monitor all interaction between the customer and your store and get a deep understanding of the purchasing journey.

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Agitron Telemetry

Create a connected logistics ecosystem with improved location management, inventory tracking and warehousing.

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Agitron Clarence AI

Agitron Clarence AI continually learns and presents observations and recommendations to help employees make better and precise decisions.

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