Enter Retail 4.0: Become a member of AGITRON Lab

Get a direct insight into the latest features of the AGITRON development team and early access to new hardware and software solutions from AGITRON.

AGITRON Lab is a program that enables member organizations to discover and test next-generation electronic shelf labels and the early builds of Agitron Clarence AI, an AI-based dynamic pricing solution that ups the game by connecting multiple data sources, sensors and discovering valuable hidden patterns that enable better data-driven decision making. Better still, member organizations get to directly influence which is the next key feature implemented by the AGITRON development team that will help them beat the competition.

Become a member
Main benefits of membership
Early access to new technology from AGITRON
The opportunity to discover and test new features before they are available to all AGITRON customers
The possibility to participate in monthly working groups with key developers of AGITRON
A lifetime discount of 10% on all AGITRON services
Membership fee: A one year membership costs 2.500 EUR (without VAT). All fees are used for development purposes only.